Website Checker


Check your website security gaps, server settings and search engine optimization.

*To see some parts of the report, we will ask you to confirm your ownership of the website as they might have important information about server vulnerabilities.
*We do not share emails with anyone.

We will run 150+ checks in 10 minutes



30+ checks

  • CMS
  • Analytics and Extras
  • Load speed
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Page weight
Server and Security

Server and Security

100+ checks

  • SSL
  • Control panels
  • Web server
  • Opened ports
  • Sensitive files


30+ checks

  • Indexability
  • Meta tags
  • Images alt-tags
  • Canonical URL
  • Search console

What is Website Checker?

Website Checker is a unique tool that gives optimization insights from both website and server side. After the check, you will receive a complete report with possible improvements in the website security, performance, and search visibility.

Improve security and trust

The report will tell you about critical security gaps in your server infrastructure. Protect your website from intrusion. Store and process the personal information in the safe environment. Win your customers` trust.

Boost performance

Fast sites earn more! Find the way to speed up your site, improve usability and boost your search engine ranking for the desktop and mobile. The report will also tell what important extensions you are missing to improve conversion, increase sales and analyze traffic flow.

Look at your website with both eyes
Build amazing website

Raise organic search visibility

Make a step up up the ladder of SERP by providing search engines with all necessary information about your website and in the most comfortable format for them. In the report, you will find the SEO gaps that can become your growth points in the nearest future.

Make your website amazing

Improve security, grow visibility, increase performance and start building a better website for your visitors and customers with the Website Checker insights in just 10 minutes.